quarta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2010

This is it- our victory cry,
The aeon of Horus has arrived !!!

With the head of a falcon,
Towards the Sun he flies,
He sits on the golden throne
And conquers our world !

Freed from millenia of chains,
By Horus the child,
We rejoice in our innocence with light in our eyes !

Like children we are,
Playing under the Sun,
We laugh, dance, run- no limits for us !
Assimilating all in our way,
With curiosity unmatched,
With childish delight,
We uncover the Earth,
We see through our own eyes
What centuries of darkness were so eager to hide.

The world's at our feet, it is for us to take,
The great fruits embrace us, the light dwells within,
We set the standards, we pave our paths,
The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs !

Under Horus we draw our will, mind and strength,
Defeating all evil that stains our skin.

Our will is the law,
The code that runs our lives,
We never shun responsibility,
We take it in full for our acts.

Purified under the blessings of Horus,
We stand clean as new-borns-
Like children we are, under the Sun,
Untouched by impure doctrines and lies.

Standing straight, our heads towards the Sun,
Crushing evil dogmas under foot,
Gods new and old crucified,
For defending our inner light all idols must die !

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